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Schools closed due to request by second grader.
Brookline request to be a city is denied, applying for statehood.

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Town will take down Black Lives Matter sign after Select Board agrees on new signage policy

Brookline town officials will take down a Black Lives Matter sign in front of Town Hall after voting on a new public signage policy Tuesday.

The sign has stood in front of Town Hall since 2020, a response to the Black Lives Matter movement and protests over the murder of George Floyd.

But it’s time to take it down, said Select Board chairman Bernard Greene, who led the initial push to put the sign up three years ago. Greene, who is Black, said at a recent meeting that the town should consider making a “broader statement against hate.”

The sign “was put up at a time of really intense and traumatic incidents of police brutality with respect to Black individuals, most painfully illustrated by the murder of George Floyd,” Greene said.

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Clara Delcamino-Yang balances ice and school

Editor’s note: This story is being published in partnership with The Cypress, the student newspaper of Brookline High School. Read the original story here. Figure skating. School. Homework. Senior Clara Delcamino-Yang has learned …

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