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BB gun confiscated, BHS student faces charges

May 3, 2023  Updated May 19, 2023 at 5:57 p.m.

A Brookline High School student was arrested by Brookline police officers Wednesday morning a few blocks from campus after school officials reported that a student was seen with a gun.

Police confiscated a BB gun from the male student’s backpack and he was released into a parent’s custody, according to a press release issued by deputy superintendent Paul Campbell.

The student will be charged with carrying a weapon on school grounds and making threats in juvenile court in Dedham on Thursday, Campbell said.

The head of Brookline High School, Anthony Meyer, wrote in an email to parents that the campus is safe.

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“High school security and administration quickly intervened, involved the Brookline Police Department, and resolved the situation,” he wrote.

School remained in session and was not put into lockdown.

Meyer said that school officials were made aware of the situation after a person “saw something and said something about their concern to a trusted adult.”

The student was approached by school security and fled on foot before being stopped a few blocks away by officers, according to Brookline police.

Police and school officials did not release the name or age of the student.