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Brookline Then and Now: Boylston and Cypress Streets

August 13, 2023

The brick and stone building with the rounded façade at the northwest corner of Boylston and Cypress Streets has been the location of ground floor retail space and three floors of apartments above for 126 years. The building was constructed in 1897 on what had once been part of the Goddard farm. It was designed by the architect F. Joseph Untersee, who designed many buildings in Brookline, including the St. Lawrence Church, the St. Mary of the Assumption School, the Brookline Savings Bank (now the NETA cannabis dispensary) and several houses. The two residential entrances have names carved over the doors: the Madris (a play on the name of the developer, Mary Driscoll) on Cypress; and the Gerald (named for her son) on Boylston. The building on the far right in the older photo is now the site of Audy’s Village Mobil service station.

Ken Liss is president of the Brookline Historical Society.