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Einstein Riddle Week of 5/23/23

May 17, 2023  Updated May 30, 2023 at 10:25 a.m.

A fan favorite since the store began 18 years ago, Eureka’s Einstein Riddles have hung in the store’s window, delighting (and stumping!) fans for years.

Now, Brookline News offers you the opportunity to view a new puzzle every week online! Check back here every Tuesday for a new riddle…and a link to the previous week’s puzzle solution.

Think you know the answer and can’t wait a week? Just walk into the store at 1355 Beacon Street in Coolidge Corner and talk to one of Eureka’s cashiers for that! What’s more, if you bring in the correct answer to the current week’s puzzle before the solution is posted online each Tuesday, you will receive 10% off any item in the store!

P.S. If you miss a puzzle, no worries! All will be archived here. Solutions to prior puzzles can be accessed by clicking on the individual puzzle images.

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Einstein Riddle Week of 5/23/23

Bring in the correct answer to this riddle during the week of  5/16 – 5/22 for 10% off of an item in store!

A mother and daughter are talking, discussing a birthday coming up tomorrow.
Mother: If I switch the number in the tens digit and the number in the ones digit of my age, I get your age.
Daughter: Ah, and tomorrow you will be twice as old as me!
How old are they today? There are two possible answers


Good luck!