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Heard on the street: Brookline residents dish on their Thanksgiving traditions

Jon Fitzgerald and his dog Chloe talked to Brookline.News about Thanksgiving traditions. Photo by Andrew Burke-Stevenson
November 21, 2023

Everyone celebrates Thanksgiving a little bit differently. Brookline.News took to the streets to ask Brookline residents about their traditions, simple and grand, old and new.

Florencia Barros

Photo by Andrew Burke-Stevenson

Thanksgiving will be a new experience for Florencia Barros, who moved here four months ago from Chile. She and her family will spend Thanksgiving with friends in New York City. She said she’s excited to learn about the holiday and walk around the city. “I don’t know what to expect,” she said, “ but I am totally open to the new experience.”

Jon Fitzgerald and his dog Chloe

Photo by Andrew Burke-Stevenson

Jon Fitzgerald said that he anticipates a “less traditional” Thanksgiving for him and his family this year. Instead of traveling with his family to Vermont and enjoying a home-cooked meal, this year they’ll dine at Grill 23 & Bar in Boston. What most excites him is the chance to spend quality time with his daughter who left for college earlier this year.

Bee Sullivan

Photo by Andrew Burke-Stevenson

A quiet Thanksgiving for Bee Sullivan is unusual. “For almost 15 years I used to run Thanksgiving for 60 people,” Sullivan said. “It was fun, but it was ‘get five ovens ready. Wake up at 5 a.m.’” This year she plans on having a peaceful day with her boyfriend and a close friend.

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Robert Forman

Photo by Andrew Burke-Stevenson

Robert Forman and his family “like to celebrate like the indigenous folks,” he said. “And around here, they probably ate lobster. Not turkey.” Forman used to go to Legal Seafoods for the holiday. This year, he, his family and close family friends plan to dine at Eddie V’s Prime Seafood in Boston. The former professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania urges people to practice gratitude every day. “Somebody yesterday asked me if I was doing anything for Thanksgiving,” he said. “But I have Thanksgiving every day, every single day.”

Christine Evers

Photo by Andrew Burke-Stevenson

Christine Evers looks forward to traveling to her parents’ house in Western Massachusetts. “ I really like watching the Macy’s Day Parade,” she said. “My family always watches it, and sometimes we make cinnamon buns to eat.” Her favorite Thanksgiving culinary tradition? Her aunt’s baked macaroni and cheese.