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May election: 18 residents running for town-wide office, and 127 up for Town Meeting

A voter fills out a ballot at the Florida Ruffin Ridley School polling location in Brookline on March 5, 2024. Photo by Andrew Burke Stevenson.
March 26, 2024  Updated March 27, 2024 at 5:57 p.m.

Editor’s note: Stay tuned for more detailed coverage coming soon about the upcoming May election. 

The deadline to register to run in the Brookline municipal election on May 7 has come and gone, and 18 residents have thrown their hats in the ring for townwide positions.

Several of the most important positions in town promise to be tight races. And on the Town Meeting side of the ballot, most precincts have contested elections.

The town clerk is still working to certify signatures collected by these candidates, and candidates are able to withdraw until April 4, so the final ballot could change.

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For the Select Board, the town’s highest elected office and its executive branch, there are two open seats and five candidates. The candidates are current Select Board Chair Bernard Greene, School Committee Chair David Pearlman, Town Meeting and Advisory Committee member Susan Park, Town Meeting member Alec Lebovitz, and community activist and nonprofit leader Sana Hafeez.

For the School Committee, which oversees policy, curriculum and budgets for the town’s school system, there are three open seats and four candidates: current School Committee member Sarah Moghtader, Select Board member Miriam Aschkenasy, Town Meeting member Jesse Hefter and Town Meeting and Advisory Committee member Carolyn Thall.

There’s also a contested race for the Brookline Housing Authority board of commissioners, which oversees the public housing agency’s budget and overall direction. Three candidates are running for one seat: Kimberley Richardson and Shawn O’Neal, both Town Meeting members, community activists and residents of public housing, and Lynne Sweet, business owner of a housing consulting company.

Three other town-wide elections are uncontested: Neil Wishinsky is the only candidate for moderator, Ben Kaufman the only candidate for clerk, and four people are running unopposed for library trustee positions: Judith Goleman, Kristin Hung, Carol Lohe and Sassan Zelkha.

Town Meeting

Of the town’s 17 electoral precincts, 14 have competitive races for seats in Town Meeting, the legislative branch of town government. There are five slots up for grabs in each precinct for three-year terms (with a few exceptions, noted below). Here’s the full list of candidates:

Precinct 1: Neil Gordon, Anthony Ishak, Sarah Moghtader, Louise King, Katherine Ingraham, Allyson Gray and Robert Schoen. (Several of these candidates are also running for a single one-year seat)

Precinct 2: James Franco, Carol Gladstone, Kimberley Richardson, Richard Snyder, Katha Seidman, Georgina Garcia-Soiffer, Katy Owen, Karina Gruesz, Henry Levenson.

Precinct 3: (The following candidates, all incumbents, are running unopposed): Mary Dewart, Jane Gilman, Gina Hahn, Kathleen Scanlon, Rebecca Stone.

Precinct 3 (Single seat, two-year term): Isaac Silberberg, Donald Leka

Precinct 4: (The following candidates are running unopposed) Karen Ambrose, Alan Christ, Robert Daves, Lisamarie Sears

Precinct 5: Kevin England, Omar Mabrouk, Hugh Mattison, Phyllis O’Leary, Beth Miller, Ariel Gruzman, Alok Somani

Precinct 6: Arthur Conquest, Scott Englander, Jeffrey Rudolph, Dave Porter, Felina Silver, Lawrence Whitney, Ruvi Kitov

Precinct 7: Ernest Frey, Kelly Hardebeck, Jonathan Margolis, David Eber, Max Newell, Roberta Falke, Kevin Jefferies, Julia Barnes, Brianna Mirabile, Sean Leckey.

Precinct 8: David-Marc Goldstein, Charles Homer, Aone Wang, Susan Cherry, David Tytell, Nels Carlson, Alisa Plazonja, William Heinemann, Daria Mark

Precinct 9: Sarah Kitterman, Elizabeth Loula, Charles Swartz, Gerald Tuckman, Matti Klock, Joseph Katz, Gary Shiffman, Miriam Morgan.

Precinct 10: (The following candidates are running unopposed): C. Scott Ananian, Katherine Florio, David Klafter, Conor Sheehan, Jeremy Isikoff.

There is also a one-year seat in Precinct 10, with only one candidate, Jessica Lang.

Precinct 11: David Lescohier, Kenneth Lewis, Anne Weaver, Leonard Wholey, Ana Jansky, Benjamin Garfinkel.

Precinct 12: Nancy Cavanaugh, Lee Cooke-Childs, David Frey, Harry Friedman, Jonathan Karon, Margaret Molloy, Jonathan Phillips, Eric McNulty, Andrew Macrae, Charu Swamy.

Precinct 13: Jonathan Fine, John Freeman, Paul Saner, Kevin MacKenzie, Brian Ladd, Mark Gerber, Susan Podziba, Lee Selwyn, Anna Chiumenti, Thomas Renkes, Michael Shepsis. (MacKenzie and Gerber are also running for a single-year seat).

Precinct 14: Richard Fredkin, David Gacioch, Roger Lipson, Pamela Lodish, Carlos Ridruejo, David Eisenberg.

Precinct 15: (The following candidates, all incumbents, are running unopposed): Michael Berger, Deborah Hatzieleftheriadis, Kristine Knauf, Ira Krepchin, Jean Senat-Fleury.

Precinct 16: Regina Frawley, Scott Gladstone, Alisa Jonas, Richard Murphy, Kurt Mickelson, David Belton, Julie Jette.

Precinct 17: Rita McNally, Susan Roberts, Livia Schachter-Kahl, John Shreffler, Chris Reale, Stephen Kimble.

There is also a single, two-year seat open in Precinct 17. Shreffler, Katherine Haenschen and Christopher Kahl are running.