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New bike repair shop opens on Beacon Street

Zach Meszoely is the owner of Brookline’s new bike repair shop, Back In Action Bikes. Photo by Matthew Eadie
July 23, 2023

Brookline bicyclists finding themselves with a snapped chain, or a hankering for an upgrade, have a new shop to turn to on Beacon Street.

On July 1, Zach Meszoely opened Back In Action Bikes, a one-man bike repair shop in a former nail salon at 1018 Beacon Street, across from the St. Mary’s Street Green Line stop.

Meszoely, 26, grew up in Boston and bounced around the East Coast during his early 20s before ending up back in Boston and finding joy in working on bikes of all kinds.

He spent the past few years working at Back Bay Bicycles, which would later become Papa Wheelies Bicycles before it abruptly closed in December leaving him with the question of what to do next.

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Early this year, Meszoely got an opportunity to open his own bike repair shop in Brookline. He had originally wanted to open a shop in downtown Boston, but the Beacon Street location was “even better,” he said. The lack of other bicycle repair shops in the area makes it a “perfect location.”

“I think my success will come down to the fact that I’m not your traditional bike shop,” Meszoely said. “These bigger bike shops, they’re not welcoming,” he added. “I like to hang out and have a good chat with my customers. I like to build that personal relationship, so that if nothing else they know that I personally care about their bike.”

Meszoely said he wants Back In Action Bikes to be a “community hub to the area,” where people can stop by after a ride, hang out, get their bikes fixed and watch TV or play video games on the large flatscreen TV sitting by the front door.

Meanwhile, he says he’ll use the quick turnaround skills he learned at Back Bay Bicycles.

“If I can get you your bike back faster, that’s better for both of us,” he said.

Back in Action Bikes offers bike repairs, tune-ups and custom builds, although it is not currently selling new bikes off the shelf.

“It makes me happy seeing people out on their bikes, so my mission is just to get people out on their bikes,” Meszoely said. “Make sure everything’s the way it’s supposed to be and maybe even better sometimes.”