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News in brief: Assistant administrator Fields to depart, town reups compost incentive program

January 30, 2024

Devon Fields, Brookline’s assistant town administrator for operations, is leaving her position to take a new job for the city government in Chelsea.

Fields, a visible presence in Brookline’s town government who helped run Select Board meetings and coordinate communication between town government and residents, worked for the town since 2019.

“Devon was an important link, in a multitude of direct and indirect ways,” said Select Board chair Bernard Greene in a message to Town Meeting members last week.

“I’m grateful for the interesting projects I’ve worked on, so appreciate the engaged and thoughtful town residents, and am thankful for the leadership of the Select Board. Brookline is a wonderful and unique community,” Fields said in an email to Brookline.News.

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Fields will be the incoming deputy city manager of operations for the city of Chelsea.

Town relaunches compost incentive program

New subscribers receive a free compost starter kit including a Black Earth Compost curbside bin, compostable bin liner bags, and an optional countertop container. Photo courtesy town of Brookline.

The town is relaunching its composting incentive program, giving out free equipment to residents who sign up to get their compost picked up by Black Earth Compost, the town’s partner.

The “starter kit” includes a curbside bin, compostable bin liner bags, and an optional countertop container.

“We are eager to continue this initiative and our partnership with Black Earth Compost, as composting is a simple way to decrease residential solid waste,” said Kevin Johnson, the town’s director of highway and sanitation.

Black Earth, based in Gloucester, currently offers four subscription options to Brookline residents, for weekly or every other week pickup. Almost 2,000 residents currently subscribe to the compost pickup, and pay privately for the service.

During the previous “starter kit” incentive, from May 2022 to May 2023, the town says participation in the program increased by 20%.