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News in brief: New leader for Mothers Out Front, town installs ballot boxes

January 8, 2024  Updated January 17, 2024 at 10:44 a.m.

New leadership for Brookline Mothers Out Front

The Brookline chapter of Mothers out Front, a national organization focused on climate activism, is adding a new leader to its ranks.

Anne Sudduth, who has been a co-coordinator of the chapter for three years, is stepping into a statewide role with the organization, she said.

Laura Knott, a climate activist who has worked in academia and museum curation, is taking over her role, and will be co-coordinator with Tracie Burns.

“For the next six months, we’re really going to be focusing a lot on the local effects of climate change and making the point with our membership that their local actions do have huge effects,” Knott said.

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In the coming weeks, Mothers out Front will be sponsoring programs on how to enhance the state’s bottle bill, and combating “heat islands” in North Brookline.

The group has around 250 active members, said Sudduth. They’re divided into four working groups, focused on building community bridges, going fossil fuel free, expanding the town’s tree canopy and reducing waste.

“We grow activists,” said Sudduth. “And we really have created a pipeline where we help people find a just-right role in our group and the climate movement.”

Town installs new ballot boxes

The town of Brookline has installed new ballot boxes at three locations ahead of this year’s elections.

The boxes at the Coolidge Corner Library, Putterham Library and Town Hall are intended to help voters bypass potential issues with the mail and get their ballots in on time.

“We want to meet voters where they are and allow them to participate in our elections from their neighborhoods,” said Town Clerk Ben Kaufman in a statement. “These drop boxes are another way to increase voter access to our elections, and help voters make their voices heard in our democracy.”

Kaufman said he is also planning to expand early voting locations in 2024.

“Whether you are voting by mail, voting early, or voting on Election Day, make sure you have a plan to vote in 2024,” he said. “It is your civic duty to vote.”

There are four elections in Brookline in 2024: the Presidential Primary on March 5, the Annual Town Election on May 7, the State Primary on Sept. 3, and the Presidential Election on Nov. 5.

Town Clerk Ben Kaufman with a new ballot drop box outside Town Hall. Photo courtesy Town of Brookline