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Paying more to park: town increases meters to $2 per hour

Parking meters on Beacon Street. Photo by Sam Mintz
January 30, 2024

Get ready to pay more to park in Brookline.

The town will raise its parking meter rate to $2 per hour across the board, after the Select Board unanimously approved the increase at its Tuesday meeting. Of the 2,266 meters in Brookline, 1,716 are currently set at $1.25 an hour, with 135 meters at $2 per hour and 415 at $.75 per hour.

The change came about following a recommendation from the town’s Transportation Board, which estimated that the new rate would generate approximately $1.4 million in new revenue.

Brookline’s rates are “significantly below” the standard rates in nearby towns, according to the board. In Boston, for example, meters start at $2 and go as high as $3.75 per hour, depending on location.

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“This brings Brookline on par with our adjacent neighborhoods, like Cleveland Circle, Commonwealth Avenue, Allston and the Longwood area,” said Erin Chute, the town’s commissioner of public works.

The Transportation Board also noted that Brookline’s rates have not increased in eight years. Revenue from the increase could be used to replace the increasing number of meters that do not work, as well as to further the town’s sustainability goals.

The new rates are expected to go into effect in the near future.

“I think our rates are woefully behind all our neighbors’ rates,” said Select Board member Miriam Aschkenasy. “And I think this is the best kind of rate to increase, because it’s fairly invisible in behavioral economic terms. People use their app for the most part. It’s not felt the same way.”

Parking meters in Brookline accept quarters, credit cards and payments via the Passport Parking app.

Current parking meter rates, before the increase takes effect. Map via town of Brookline