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Photos: Beloved kosher bakery Cheryl-Anns’ is back, two years after fire

Sisters Ann (left) and Cheryl Moore (right), who run Cheryl-Anns' Bakery in Chestnut Hill. Photo by Artemisia Luk
March 19, 2024

Cheryl-Anns’ reopening on Friday was more than two years in the making. The beloved kosher bakery, known for its challah, welcomed customers old and new on Friday and over the weekend. It was the first time opening the doors of the Chestnut Hill business since December 2021, when a fire shut down its operations.

See photos from Cheryl-Anns’ reopening weekend:

  • Ann (left) takes a quick pause from managing the ovens in the back to join Cheryl (right) for a photo. The sisters run Cheryl-Anns' Bakery. Photo by Artemisia Luk


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