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RE: ‘Devolving into a morass’: Town wrestles with future of Larz Anderson ice rink

January 22, 2024

Regarding the Larz Anderson ice rink, there is a third option available that has already been brought to the attention of the Parks & Recreation folks. It is an indoor/outdoor, low-cost, eco-friendly skating surface used in Europe that is perfect for family use and also supports hockey. The board has been given extensive information about this product (Glice) both with online links and estimates from the company. But it seems that this solution has never been considered at a public meeting.

Recently the Children’s Museum in Brooklyn has installed a skating rink that uses artificial ice. I don’t know if they are using Glice or another product, but it seems to be satisfying the museum’s skating visitors, so skating advocates should check it out. Let’s seriously consider this option. The winter hockey season is shrinking in New England so traditional hockey players need to look to new solutions. We can’t spend millions to support one sport which will come at the expense of other activities and change the nature of Larz Anderson Park as well.

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