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RE: Paying more to park: town increases meters to $2 per hour

February 7, 2024

It seems parking rates have been raised because: 1) We can do it and people won’t notice; 2) We can do it and use the money for unrelated expenses; 3) We can do it because other neighborhoods and towns have done it.
I thought the purpose of parking meters was to give drivers access to Brookline businesses. Since we are now overly dependent on these businesses for tax revenue, we need to continue that support.

Many Brookline residents still notice when they spend $2. Paying parking fees and penalties is not an invisible cost for many residents.

When comparing costs, all neighborhoods are not the same. I can shop at malls in Watertown, stop in Brighton on my way back to Brookline and do banking, get a haircut, pick up take-out, or visit a doctor or dentist without feeding a meter. Although I am concerned about budget shortfalls, I think our first loyalty should be to our local businesses. Did the Transportation Board consult business groups before recommending higher rates? I’d like to know the reaction of business leaders to these increases.

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