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RE: Town Meeting approves animal welfare proposals

April 17, 2024

Brookline is the 15th municipality in Massachusetts that has banned the use of exotic animals in traveling shows, as have eight other states in the U.S. These actions have been taken to curtail animal abuse in the “animal entertainment industry.” Brookline voters have the ability to contribute to this growing movement to end the exploitation of animals in traveling acts.

The Massachusetts House Committee on Ways and Means is currently considering a statewide bill that has been on the docket in various forms for 20 years: An Act Relative To The Use Of Elephants, Big Cats, Primates, Giraffes, And Bears in Traveling Exhibits And Shows (H. 3245). This is the year that it should be passed into law. We extend our gratitude to State Representative Tommy Vitolo for co-sponsoring this bill.

This issue has recently garnered more attention after the deaths of two beloved elephants, Karen and Beulah, who had performed at venues including the Big E Fair in Springfield, Massachusetts, in 2019 after years of documented abuse and negligence in captivity.

Please ask your senators and representatives to support H.3245.

Hanna Szelenyi is a junior at BHS and is the Youth Advocacy Coordinator of Massachusetts for Elephants.

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