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RE: Town Meeting ceasefire resolution quickly sparks “intense but calm” debate

April 9, 2024

I am strongly opposed to Warrant Article 19 calling for a “ceasefire and a lasting peace.” The purported attempt by the resolution’s proponents to be “even handed” has failed miserably. They take every opportunity to expressly accuse Israel of war crimes, while only implying that the deliberate genocidal massacre by Hamas terrorists of innocent civilians was an atrocity, murdering more Jews in a single day since the Holocaust. Israel is fighting a war of self defense that it never asked for, begun by Hamas in violation of an already existing Ceasefire agreement. The tragic loss of life and suffering by Gazan civilians in this war is horrible, but the blame rests solely solely with Hamas, who also consistently hamper humanitarian aide. Tragically the Hamas strategy is to place civilians in harm’s way while they hide protected in tunnels. If their military capability is not dismantled by Israel, there will never be peace, or the return of innocent Israeli hostages. Hamas’s goal is no secret: they seek the eradication of Israel. Moreover, WA 19 is provoking the opposite of peace in our town. It is inciting conflict and fanning the flames of antisemitism. The resolution should be soundly defeated by Town Meeting.

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