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RE: Town Meeting punts on Black and Brown Commission

June 9, 2023

I am a Town Meeting member. I moved for referral of the Black and Brown Commission to the Select Board for additional consideration. I said that a vote to refer is in agreement and supports the goals of the article. The group seeking this commission is part of our community. My motion to refer pointed out that there is still no consensus about whether creation of a commission instead of a separate organization would best achieve the article’s goals.

I acknowledged that the Select Board is dealing with a very complex task and could use more time to research, reach out, and propose additional possible improvements. I said that a referral would support making efforts to ensure that there is a credible, diverse, inclusive, and collaborative community engagement process. (It is normal and typical with Town Meeting that complex legislation may require several attempts in order to get it right.)

I decided to file this referral motion to bring out into the open for Town Meeting Members what is happening. Town Meeting approved referral to the Select Board. The Select Board is the proper forum for this.

David Lescohier, Town Meeting Member Precinct 11