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RE: Town Meeting ceasefire resolution quickly sparks “intense but calm” debate

April 26, 2024

We are writing to call attention to a growing movement in Brookline  united around universal principles of peace and human rights. The Brookline Peace Coalition (BPC) was founded in the aftermath of the attacks on Israel on October 7, 2023 as a response to both Hamas’s horrific actions and the subsequent Israeli offensive that has killed thousands of Palestinians and led to a manmade humanitarian disaster.

We are a committed and passionate group representing a broad spectrum of ethnicities (including Palestinians and Israelis), cultural identities, and religious affiliations. We speak to the shared values of Brookline and the United States as we call for a ENDURING CEASEFIRE by all active parties in the Gaza Strip and an immediate influx of humanitarian aid.

In addition to organizing community events to raise awareness, the BPC has submitted a warrant article calling for a bilateral ceasefire, humanitarian aid, and safe return of the hostages to Brookline’s Town Meeting in May. Brookline must join other municipalities in Massachusetts, and around the country, in voicing the will of the majority of Americans calling for a permanent ceasefire.

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