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What do you call your Brookline neighborhood?

A map of neighborhood associations and historic districts in Brookline. Photo courtesy of the town of Brookline.
May 10, 2024  Updated May 13, 2024 at 1:21 p.m.

The town of Brookline, like many cities and towns, is made up of several neighborhoods. But what are they called and what are their boundaries?

The answers to these simple questions are not so simple.

Different maps and websites and neighborhood associations may have different names for some of the same parts of town. Or the same names and different boundaries. Some sites show names that may not appear on any map or have any official or quasi-official status.

So what do you call your Brookline neighborhood? Use the form below to share.

I’ll report back with trends and patterns and try to make sense of what is where and where is what.

– Ken Liss, Brookline Historical Society